Marketing tools are essential to all digital marketing operations. Using great tools will help boost your entire marketing process, making your workflow much more effective and smooth. This is why we will be discussing some of the best tools you can use in different aspects of your digital marketing that will work for you.

Marketing Tools for Content Ideas

Google Trends (Free)

This is one of the best marketing tools that is great for spotting trends and verifying what topics are popular at the moment. Use this tool to help guide you on the kinds of content to write that can gather more engagement and attract new customers.

BuzzSumo (Free and Paid)

BuzzSumo is a very powerful tool that can help you find content that receives a high engagement, influencers that posted those high-engagement content, and the different channels they are receiving the most engagement on.

Ubersuggest (Free and Paid)

Ubersuggest is another one of the most popular marketing tools. It is similar to the Google Keyword Planner tool. However, this tool helps to come up with hundreds of ideas for any topic you type into the system as well as keyword researches.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Hootsuite (Paid with a 30-day free trial)

Hootsuite is one of the best platforms for social media management. It helps with managing and scheduling all your content on many different social media accounts and platforms. You can answer your customer DMs through their platform as well as assigning your team members certain responsibilities. This tool is one that Marketing Guru is also currently using! 

Buffer (Paid with a 14-day free trial)

Buffer helps with scheduling your social media content. It handles your social media marketing from the planning process, all the way to collaboration, scheduling and publishing. They also have a separate offer for your social media analytics that can create a beautiful custom in-depth report of all your social media.

Sprout Social (Paid with a 30-day free trial)

Sprout Social is a premium social media management tool that has everything you need to manage your social media well.

SEO Tools

SEMrush (Paid)

This tool is great for overall SEO support features. It is also the easiest to start with compared to other SEO tools as ones like Ahrefs has a learning curve that can take time to get used to. SEMrush has a great website rank tracking report to give you complete control over your SEO strategies. It also provides keyword research, link analysis, as well as competitive analysis. This tool starts at $99.95 and ranges to higher prices depending on your company size and your desired features.

Ahrefs (Paid)

This tool is the best for people who are much more advanced on SEO. Since Ahrefs is packed with tons of features, beginners can get overwhelmed when they see all that Ahrefs has to offer. Marketing Guru recommends this tool, especially if you are planning to create a lot of backlinks because the link analysis feature of this is quite detailed.

Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress (Free and Paid)

This tool is created for WordPress websites and is basically required for any sites created on the WordPress platform. Yoast helps to automate a lot of SEO tasks as well as making meta titles and descriptions very easy to update. The free version also offers a lot of great features and updating it to a paid version is unnecessary.

Marketing Tools for Analytics

Google Analytics (Free)

Google Analytics is a classic must-have tool for any business with a website. It shows the clickstream, or the user behavior of a website, tracking various metrics such as total website visits, conversion rates and more. While there are other alternatives, Google Analytics is one that Marketing Guru recommends as it was created by Google itself.

Crazy Egg (Paid)

Crazy Egg is a great tool for tracking your website metrics, specifically, for the purpose of optimizing your website. It allows you to build heatmaps and track user behaviors based on where they click as well as conduct A/B split tests. From here, you can brainstorm the different ways to drive traffic and reduce any friction in your customer journey. The price for this tool starts at $9 and ranges to $99.

Marketing Automation Tools

HubSpot (Paid)

HubSpot is undoubtedly one of the best marketing automation software. From creating an email drip campaign to creating a visual of your workflows, HubSpot has it all. However, good software also comes with a high price tag. The price starts at $50 a month, but for the full automation features, it costs $800 and is billed annually. They do offer 90% for startups, however.

OptinMonster (Paid)

As the name suggests, OptinMonster is great for lead generation. To elaborate, this tool helps with building automated landing page campaigns starting at $9 per month. It is still lacking in some marketing automation features, however. Therefore, you will have to integrate OptinMonster with your CRM software.

ConvertKit (Paid)

ConvertKit is a great marketing automation tool for beginners. This tool will be able to help get you started on familiarizing yourself with some basic marketing automation features. They offer easy-to-use visual editors and done-for-you automation templates which is why you can get started much quicker compared to other tools.


Picking a specific digital marketing tool for your business may require some research. We hope we have helped you simplify the process! Whichever tool you decide to go with on this list, you will be able to benefit from them so there is no need to stress out too much when picking a tool as the options out there are endless.

If you are interested in including or developing your marketing strategy, let our experts at Marketing Guru help you! Get your free consultation today.